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​​​​Important Annoucement!

We have taken out www.superforex.com as our recommended broker because it's an unethical "Market Maker" company. If clients make profit then the broker will lose money. Our EA has been performing exceptionally well that all clients made good profit. The CEO/Owner, Vladimir Syrov, in numerous occasions hinted to me that he'll create something and ask me to use the EA to make clients lose money and he'll share the clients' losses with me. Please read the message proof I post below. 

I refused to cooperate to let my EA make clients lose money because I want my EA to be the top performer in the market and I also refused to cooperate with him in any other ways to make clients lose money. Recently, he's trying another trick to nullify clients' profit by citing clients' violation of their terms and conditions. Read the email sent by their support to clients as shown below:

Hello dear client
 We have to make financial correction due to violation of User's agreement h 5.12. Total amount for cancellation is 871.76. It's done according to standards of the international legal agreement and under the IFSC regulation.
 Please change your trading strategy and trade according to the terms and conditions of  User’s Agreement
 5.12 If the volume of the positions that remain open at the market close implies the change of the total profit by over 0.5% of the deposit if the price changes by 1 pip (over 5 Superforex lots for every USD1,000 of the deposit), the Company is entitled to correct the financial result of such trades in case the market opens with a gap. The amount of correction shall be proportionate to the size of the gap in pips.

Our clients are also using our LS Golden Unicorn EA to trade with other brokers without any problem so far. The above, in my view, is purely the intention of superforex to avoid paying for profit made by clients. 

​Superforex is Regulated by IFSC and our China agent Deng Xiaoming had represented his clients written to IFSC to complain about the deduction and the following is the reply from IFSC:

​Dear Mr. Deng, 

We refer to your below email, stating that you are an introducing broker 
(IB) of SuperFin Corp., operating as superforex. 

Please note that we will investigate the matter raised by you and will 
revert to you as soon as we receive a report from the Company. 

In the meantime, please provide us with a list of the introduced clients 
that are dissatisfied with the business activities carried out by 
superforex. If these clients require a thorough investigation to be carried 
out by the IFSC, please advise them to submit to us a detailed description 
of their allegation, together with supporting documents. 

Kind regards, 

Alicia Hernandez (Ms) 
International Financial Services Commission 


IFSC Contact Information:
International Financial Services Commission
Sir Edney Cain Building, 2nd Floor, Belmopan, Belize, C. A.
Tel: 501-822-2974 Fax: 501-822-3810
Email: info@ifsc.gov.bz or complaints@ifsc.gov.bz


In view of the above, I'll also write to IFSC to alert them on unreasonable practice of super forex and I hope that all our clients stop trading with superforex and withdraw your fund as soon as possible. If you encounter any deduction of profit made please write in person to IFSC to lodge a complain by submitting the necessary details.

Meanwhile I suggest clients clear all outstanding positions and stop trading, then take out your money and switch to other brokers. We have advised many clients to open accounts with www.aimsfx.com which is owned by 3 Singaporean, mainly operating in China. Refer to the link below this page. Please note that we are not part of aimsfx and by no mean by recommending this broker imply that we're responsible for whatever matters will happen between broker and clients. Clients can use any brokers of their choice and make necessary assessment before deciding to open account to trade. According to aimsfx director, it is a STP (Straight Through Processing) trading broker and will not trade against clients. If you need more information, please read their website www.aimsfx.com or contact one of its directors who is based in Singapore and Malaysia: Vin Yap call at +65-9746.3072. 

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