Picture above shown EA traded through successfully during CHF unpegged crash on 15 January 2015. Picture on right side shown the trading result for one month from 20150101 to 20150201.



Picture above shown EA traded through successfully during BREXIT crash on 24 June 2016. Picture on right side shown the trading result for one month from 20160601 to 20160701.

Below screen shot is LS Double Dragon Super EA 5 Years (2012-2017) BT Trading Result on GBPUSD pair which shown average annual ROI is 25.26% with a maximum drawdown of only 22.36% which very safe for 5 years of long term trading.

Why Trade Forex Trading?

Most people who want to grow their excess money will normally invest in stocks, bonds, real estates or other forms of investment which are usually of long term nature and the yields are at best in the region between 5-20% per annum. These types of investment are mostly not liquid which mean investors can't convert them into cash easily within short period of time. Invest through Forex Trading is another alternative which allows investors to start with just a few hundreds to millions of dollars. Investment could be withdrawn in cash within a few days. The yields from Forex trading could be anywhere from 30% to 120% per annum which are much higher than those forms of investment mentioned above. But there is a big challenge for normal investors to get the right technique and skills to trade Forex successfully because the Forex market is very dynamic and volatile, even experienced traders may not be able to master the right knowledge and skills to achieve consistent results.

Trading could be carried out by investors themselves or via auto-trading software (also known as EA/Robot). There are huge advantages of utilising EA (Expert Advisors) against manual trading, such as the followings:

  1. No learning required
  2. No need to spend time staring at the computer screen waiting for signal to appear for entering trade
  3. No human emotion which is the biggest cause of failure and normally hard to be mastered even by the most experienced traders
  4. Profit are usually consistent with EA trading
  5. Traders can carry on with their other daily businesses or working activities.

Thousands of system and method are available globally trying to attract investors to use them, but unfortunately very few are consistently profitable over a long period of time. Most of them are using all kinds of indicators and systems to compute based on historical past data and then trying to predict future price movement, which are proven highly unreliable because nobody could correctly predict future supply and demand. And most traders implement individual trade stop loss concept to cut loss based on so call "Risk & Reward Ratio" which always achieved minimal profit or fail eventually.

For more than 10 years, we have collected, studied and tested on more than 2000 indicators , 4000 EA and hundreds of trading systems available in the market and found that the long term success rates are very low. Finally, we ignored those indicators and use price action strategy or use only one or two indicators to control the initial entry. We also don't follow the traditional design concept and system of using both Take Profit and Stop Loss for entry of every trade. We base mostly on simple candle price action, dynamic multiple grid entry to add more trades to average all open orders with certain Take Profit target with right money management optimisation technique. In 2012, we launched our first generation auto EA into the market and since then we have upgraded to the current 4th generation EA that could handle even the worse currency crash in history, provided users adhering to strict money management by not over trading with big lot size.

Three screen shots below shown our 3rd generation Double Dragon EA survived trading through the BREXIT crash on 24 June 2016, Flash crash on 7 October 2016 for the GBPUSD pair and the USDCHF crash on 15 January 2015 when the Swiss authority decided to unpeg its CHF against other currencies!

You can observe that the EA had only entered 1 trade per candle, ignored the huge price drop and  jumped over to next or few candles away to avoid entering too many trades per candle. This concept prevented crashing of the accounts. We found very few EA is capable of doing that!

50% Capital Protection Strategy

After many years of trading experiences, we also developed a way to further prevent traders from losing more than 50% of their capital, no matters what happen to a particular currency pair. The concept is very simple and effective as follows:

  1. Assume trader intends to invest 20,000 USD to trade and the EA is capable of achieving 5% monthly profit:
  2. Open 2 live trading accounts (Account A & B) and fund each account with 10,000 USD. With the same currency pair say GBPUSD, Account A trades Long Only and Account B trades Short Only.
  3. Open another non-trading account (Account C) to receive trading profits from Account A and B regularly.
  4. After 10 months, the total investment 100% protected as shown below:
  5. Account A Profit: 10,000 USD x 10 x 5% = 5,000 USD
  6. Account B Profit: 10,000 USD x 10 x 5% = 5,000 USD
  7. Total Profit = 10,000 which is equal to original capital of either A.
  8. In the event that the currency pair crashed excessively in one direction, only either Account A and B will have trouble but will almost impossible to happen to both. In which case use the total profit gained put back to the account that crash to start trading again.

From our investigation on the past currency movement, very few incidents of such big move within 2 years.

Note: our EA is capable of trading in one direction and achieve almost the same percentage of monthly profit.  

LS Double Dragon Super EA is simply Safe & Profitable!

Picture above shown EA traded through successfully during Flash crash on 07 October 2016. Picture on right side shown the trading result for one month from 20161001 to 20161101.

Latest 4th Generation LS Unicorn Gold Super EA v1.30 has been launched and there are many Live Trading Accounts testimonials that have been published on the Products Page... Really Fantastic Results!